50 Rounds of 9mm Ammo by Speer LE – 124gr JHP


Cartridge – 9x19mm Luger

Bullet Type – 124gr. Gold Dot jacketed hollow point (JHP)

Quantity – 50 round box

Manufacturer – Speer

Origin – Lewiston, Idaho, USA

Suitable for – Self Defense

Casings – Boxer-primed, nickel-plated brass, reloadable Learn More

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Designed by renowned bullet manufacturer Speer, Gold Dot JHPs
rank among the most popular ammunition for self-defense and law enforcement in
the United States.

This particular loading of the Gold Dot drives a 124 grain
bullet from the muzzle at 1150 fps. It offers balanced penetration and power
with relatively gentle recoil, characteristics which made it the favored duty
load for multiple agencies including the NYPD.

To enable you to get a reasonable amount of
testing and practice in with your ammo, Speer offers the Gold Dot in a reasonably
priced 50-round box. This ammunition feeds very reliably, so stock up and see for
yourself why hundreds of thousands of CCW practitioners and LEOs across America
count on Gold Dots for personal protection.

This is a standard pressure loading; while it gives up some
velocity to its +P counterpart, it generates less felt recoil and muzzle flash
and maintains compatibility with all weapons chambered in 9mm Parabellum. This
contributes to an increased effective rate of fire and makes standard pressure
Gold Dots a perfect carry load for a pocket-sized firearm such as a Sig P938,
Kahr PM9, or Springfield XD-S.

In creating the Gold Dot, Speer identified core-jacket
separation as a major reason JHPs failed to perform in their intended role of
stopping assailants in lethal force situations. Gold Dots’ chief innovation is
a proprietary two-step bonding process that fuses the core to the jacket at a
molecular level, minimizing any chance of separation and ensuring that the
whole bullet survives to transfer its energy into the target. The bonding
process is a highly adaptable procedure, enabling Speer to optimize each Gold
Dot loading (caliber and weight) for both expansion and penetration.

Speer is a well-known Idaho-based manufacturer of both
bullets and loaded ammo. The company supplies many other ammunition loaders with
bullets including its highly popular proprietary Gold Dot line. However, Speer’s
own in-house offerings enjoy immense popularity with police officers and citizens
due to their proven effectiveness and reasonable price point.