25 Rounds of 16ga 2-3/4″ Ammo by Federal – 1 ounce #8 shot


Ammo Overview
Quantity – 25 rounds per box
Manufacturer – Federal Game Shok
Load – 2-3/4″ 1 oz. # 8 Lead Shot

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Federal offers their Game-Shok line of shotgun ammunition to provide reliable and consistent performance, but for a very fair price. If you favor the classic 16 Gauge shotgun for your hunting or recreational shooting needs, then you’ve no doubt encountered some difficulty finding ammunition for it at stores before. These purple hulled beauties are the perfect solution to that!
This shotshell has a reliable and water resistant primer, sturdy hull that is crimped shoot neither too tight nor too loose for optimized shot patterns, and a clean burning propellant that will protect your action and bore against excessive fouling. It is loaded with one ounce of uniformly round #8 lead shot. The .09” diameter pellets are perfect for taking down smaller birds such as dove, partridge, woodcock, and quail, especially if your shotgun is fitted with an improved cylinder or modified muzzle choke. They are exceptional at trap and skeet as well, at which they can shatter even the fastest flying clays.